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Today is may 1 and is the first day of school while coming back from vacations. I had a great time during the past 2 months i did a lot of stuff like i went to theme parks like magic mountain and disneyland it was cool. Then a couple of weeks later i went to some party actually i went to some couple of partys they were all cool. I went to the theater with my friends to g see "THE BENCH WARMERS" that movie so funny but at the same time it was kind of stupid but it ok. i went to my cousins house and i spend the 2 months just kicking back while i was rigth there we went out with my family to many places. on march i started working for the first time it was pretty hard but thats how work is. I got in a soccer team were my cousin plays it i just have scored a goal i play every saturday at nigth or in the afternoon wich is pretty cool. the last game we had was pretty hard we lost 5 -1 but i dont care as long as i play soccer it would be cool. Yesterday i saw LAKERS play against the phoenix suns in the NBA playoffs the LAKERS beat the SUNS 99-98 IN OT it was very close but of course the LAKERS won so now they are leading the series 3-1 and i hope that they win the next game so so they could play with the CLIPPERS for round two LAKERS